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Useful Sites

Here are some links to resources that teachers may find useful.  If you have resources you would like to share with other teachers, email them to Vince.

Clip Art and Photo Links
Free stock photo links 
3D images or models that you can manipulate
database of public domain pictures
Other Web Links Zamzar converts files from one format to another online.

 Flowcharts, Concept Maps, and Diagrams Smithsonian Education Links
Discovery Education's Puzzle Maker Great resource on how to construct web pages using HTML Web site for building deluxe online timelines with pics, video, and map integration. See how web pages are constructed.  Learn how to manipulate codes that make things work on the web.  Use the online tools to generate your own "hacks"  Discovery Education's Teacher portal.  Lots of FREE teacher tools.
Math Links Help with algebra, tutorials in math, and confidence building. Provides resources for math help through lessons, math games, and a math message board. Online math tool that helps solve math challenges.

Downloadable math calculator for Mac, Windows, and Linux Online activities, lessons, standards, and web links.

Curriculum Resources Animals, Astronomy, Biology, Dinosaurs, Geology, Human Biology, Math, Spelling, and Memory resources designed for students. David Warlick's Landmark Project's web page on how to complete citations in MLA and APA style research bibliographies. A similar web site that will help you create bibliographies. Teacher's resources, especially good history, social studies, and language arts