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MSD Technology 
Madawaska's Technology Program is explained in some detail here.  Not only what we have for technology, but what we're doing with it.

Laptop Policy 
Students in grades 7-12 will be using MLTI laptops during the current school year.  Students wishing to take the laptop home must participate in the laptop protection plan.  The laptop protection plan limits the uncovered liability provided there was no intentional, malicious, or grossly negligent cause for the damage.  

Download the form here. 

MLTI Goals
One goal of the Madawaska School Department is to provide the tools needed for our students and staff to be among the best.  The school department has over 500 computers performing a wide variety of functions.

The school department has deployed laptop computers to each of it's 5th to 12th grade students at the Middle/High School.  Each student will have wireless internet access from anywhere in the building. By putting these tools in the hands of their students, the school will be helping develop skills for the 21st century job market.  mba


Vincent Vanier
Technology Coordinator
Bridgette Sharp
Paul Chasse

YouTube Video

Channel 16 YouTube video by Aaron Soucy

MSD Technology


Student Internet & Computer Use Policy (File: IJNDB)
Student Internet & Computer Use Rules (File: IJNDB-R)
 Laptop Home Usage Computer Policy (File: IJNDBA)
 Laptop Home Usage Protection Plan (File IJNDBA-E)


Madawaska Tech Department Blog



Lunch System 
Heartland Mosaic and MySchoolBucks
are our food service and payment software for the new cloud based Heartland Mosaic system.  One nice feature about this system is that parents will now be able to find account balances and make payments online if they choose.  Contact Lisa Beaulieu at for more information.
Training Materials
Backing up your Documents

"How To" Tutorials

Google Sites Training

Google Drive Presentation

Screen Captures

IT Department Blog


Hour of Code



UPDATE - Madawaska Middle/High School students eligible to take their laptops home over the summer must meet these conditions:  
PDF Version


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