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Personal Career Management

Personal Career Management

The following list provides links to copies of documents that you need to fill out for colleges and also for PCM class.


Student Brag Sheet

  • This form needs to be filled out by every student.
  • A copy of your Brag Sheet needs to be placed in your portfolio and a copy given to the guidance counselor. 
  • When asking a teacher for a letter of recommendation, ask them if they would like a copy of your Brag Sheet.
College Essay
  • At Madawaska Middle/High School, an essay is required and needs to be turned into the guidance office before any college application can be processed.
  • All essays must have a header at the left with the following information:
    • First and Last Name (on line one)
    • Social Security Number (on line two)
  • Essay topics are usually stated in the college application.  If the application does not have a topic, click here for a list of topics.

Student Rating Form

  • You must give one (1) form to five (5) different teachers.
  • Teachers must have known you for at least one year.
  • Teachers will return forms to the guidance once completed.
Job Analysis Form
  • This form is filled out when you are looking up careers.
  • Three (3) career profiles are required.
  • The following parts are required in your résumé:
    • Personal Information (name, address, telephone/cell number, and email address.  Do not include any personal information such as age, weight, birthday, marital status, gender, and ethnic background.)
    • Career Objective (A short, assertive statement indicating your career goal.)
    • Education (List all high schools with the most one recent first.  Include the high school name, address, grade point average if a 3.0 or higher, extracurricular activities, scholastic honors, and specific courses that apply to the job opening.)
    • Experience (List paid and unpaid jobs with the most one recent first.  Include employment dates, employer's name, address, and job title.)
    • References (Must have three (3) references.  References must not be a relative, must have known you for at least one year, and must be 18 years of age or older.)
Goal Checklist
  • A goal is a desired end toward which efforts are directed.
  • If goals are to be meaningful, they should be defined and written down.
  • This checklist is to help you write your goals.
  • This is a school requirement of all seniors in order to graduate.
  • Students will be graded according to the Madawaska Middle/High School Wide Rubric for Effective Speaker.
  • Speeches will also receive a class grade using another rubric.
  • Techniques used in delivering an effective speech.
College Comparison