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Nicole A. Cyr

Welcome to Mrs. Cyr's Math Page!

    I hope you had a great summer vacation and are rested and ready to roll into the new school year.  I am anxious to begin the new year with new adventures heading our way!  Some of you may be wondering what materials you will need in our math class.  Here's the most basic list of necessities: 
  • You
  • 1-inch to 1.5 inch binder with loose leaf paper and/or graph paper (Something sturdy enough to last the whole year.  No zip binders please.)
  • scientific calculator (personal preference TI 30x or higher)
  • pencils, pencils, pencils
  • and erasers because we all make mistakes :)
  • a non-black pen to correct your work (no markers, please)
  • an open mind
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728-3371 ext. 2304

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Mrs. Cyr's Schedule - 2018-2019

  O   W L S
 8:15 - 9:11 RTIRTI RTI  am Statistics 
 9:14 - 10:10
am Statistics 
am Statistics   am Geometryam Geometry
 10:13 - 11:09
am Geometry Algebra I 
 Algebra I
Algebra I
 11:54 - 12:50 MS math MS mathMS math pm Statistics
12:53 - 1:49
pm Statistics pm Statistics Planning Planning
 1: 52 - 2:48
pm Geometry pm Geometry pm Geometry