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American Government Files and Links:

Maine's Implied Warranty Law click here

Consumer Law Guide click here

County government web page - click here

County Government Directory .

What Does America Think About Taxes?  click here

Tax Foundation web link click here.

Link to Supreme Court Justice page

Supreme Court A Day in the Life Game click here

Supreme Courseating game - click here

Supreme Court Landmark Cases - click here

MORE Supreme Court Landmark Cases - click here

United States courts - court finder - click here

Court Quest Game CLICK HERE

Current Presidential Cabinet click here

Link to Gerald Ford Presidential Library - click here

Link to Thomas

House of Representatives and the Senate

Federalism Project Open Photopics4learning.comGov Photo Link

Election Connections - Maine Democratic PartyMaine Republican PartyMaine PBS Election Page

PBS webpage - constitutional amendments: gay marriage issue

Amendment quiz 1 to 10 only

Online quiz for AMERICAN GOVERNMENT constitution quiz

Amendments quiz - all of them