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posted May 3, 2019, 5:04 AM by Vincent Vanier   [ updated May 3, 2019, 5:05 AM ]
Thursday, May 2nd was Mr. Eric Fruge's last day as a custodian at Madawaska Middle/High School.  He left to take another position at another employer, but his impact will be felt by staff and students for a long time.  Here's why.

Mrs. Connie Vanier's class decided to send Mr. Eric off with a message posted on their whiteboard in the classroom.  The message said, "Thank you for your wonderful attitude and your great work ethic.  You will be missed.  Good Luck in your new job!"  All of the students signed the board as a token of appreciation for his wonderful attitude and positive energy.

Here is the message that he left for them on the whiteboard.  He titled the message "Unified Consciousness."
  1. Do all things not for self but for the collective good.  In this way:  Each person knows that the job they have plays into a LARGER development of the collective whole and thus, the importance given to each job inspires the individual to perform the task to the BEST of their abilities.  The knowledge and social acceptance of each job is a fundamental part of a UNIFIED system.  It provides respect and pride, irrespective of whether a person is a custodian or a software engineer.
  2. Many hands make the load light.
  3. Take care of the Earth.  There is no Planet B.
  4. Any day above the ground is a good day.
Mr. Eric


We ALL help educate our children.  Mr. Eric Fruge, you are going to be sorely missed.  Good luck with your new endeavors.

Madawaska School Department