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Joan Albert



Room #117

Third Grade

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Learning Plan for April 6-April 10

Learning Plan for April 13-April 17

Learning Plan for April 27-May 1 

Learning Plan for May 4-May 8  

Learning Plan for May 11-15

Learning Plan for May 18-22

Learning Plan for May 26-29


Note to Parents and Students: 1.  Expectations for remote at home learning for students in 3rd grade are: No more than 2 academic hours daily and 1 hour of active play / exercise daily.

2.  Could you take a picture of any work completed by students and email it to me at  I will certainly look at it and provide feedback.  The aim is to eliminate the exchange of papers.

3.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  I am always available...Telephone # 728-3635 Extension # 3117.  Please keep in touch with me.

4.  Last student day is June 5th. 

Learning Plan for June 1-5


Joan Albert

If you have any concerns or 

questions, please e-mail me at 

or call me at 728-3635.

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