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Gloria Clavet

School Year 2017-18

Room 114


This page is maintained by Gloria Clavet.

Tips to help your reader become a more confident and better reader. 


  • Read daily ("just right" books) and ask comprehension questions

  (Who?, Why? When? Where?)

  • Make reading fun.
  • Be an example by letting them see 

you read for your own pleasure.

Read things in the environment

(signs, cereal boxes etc.)


      I also use smiley faces in our classroom. 

      Students can always know how we are doing as a team by referring to the smileystraight-faced, or frowning face. 

Individual smiley faces can be earned as well.


Gloria Clavet

Teacher Mission Statement

 Our school-wide Behavior Plan is all about:

Owning Behavior

Working as a Team

Learning First

Showing Respect