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Gloria Clavet

Grade 2

Room 114



In March, we will study:

Science - Land Before Time

Language Arts 

R-controlled words

         Expository Text

 Francais/ French -  

March vocabulary, numbers to 100, dictee, and Months of the Year


Url, assessing websites, searching


Standard G.G

Standard MD.F


Front Row

Scoot Pad

This page is maintained by Gloria Clavet.

Tips to help your reader become a more confident and better reader. 


  • Read daily ("just right" books) and ask comprehension questions

  (Who?, Why? When? Where?)

  • Make reading fun.
  • Be an example by letting them see 

you read for your own pleasure.

Read things in the environment

(signs, cereal boxes etc.)


      I also use smiley faces in our classroom. 

      Students can always know how we are doing as a team by referring to the smileystraight-faced, or frowning face. 

Individual smiley faces can be earned as well.

 Please visit 

for calendars, menus, 

newsletters, and much more!


Gloria Clavet

Teacher Mission Statement

 Our school-wide Behavior Plan is all about:

Owning Behavior

Working as a Team

Learning First

Showing Respect