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Atlantic Salmon Project

The Atlantic Salmon are a very interesting and unique fish. Since we will be raising these fish for the next few months, we should learn more about them. The website you will soon visit have a variety of exciting facts and photos of different aspects of this fish. Get comfortable and prepared to journey with this amazing fish.

The Task
Your group will be assigned one area of research. In support of our French Immersion program you will be able to choose from:
 Fish Friends Project English   French
 Life Cycle of the Atlantic Salmon English  French
 Spawning and Migrating English  French
 Hatcheries English  French
 Conservation Efforts English  French

You will complete your research by gathering your information from your website links.  With this information, you will develop an appropriate slideshow for your research area to present to your classmates or other interesting classes in our schools.

The Process
  1. Click on your area of research above during French or English to get the worksheet for that area.  Print out a copy for your group.
  2. Open up a document page to keep any information or pictures you might use for your slideshow.
  3. Go to the links page. Find your research area and begin gathering information from those links to complete your worksheet.
  4. Using the information from your worksheets, pictures you have saved In a drawing document, and a slideshow program, you will develop a slide show containing at least 7 slides to present the information gathered.
Scoring the Project
You will be scored as a group according to a rubric developed for this activity.  Click here to see the scoring rubric.