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Conserving Salmon

Thank you for visiting our conserving salmon site. Fifteen years ago, the fourth grade class at Madawaska Elementary School was asked to participate in the Fish Friends program sponsored by the Atlantic Salmon Federation in an effort to promote conservation of Atlantic Salmon.  Students and teachers alike were enthusiastic about the program and decided to do more to educate themselves in the area of conservation.

As a part of the fourth-grade curriculum, students were asked to do two major projects using the Internet to research and collect data on Atlantic Salmon.  Their studies also include a review of the current status of Atlantic Salmon in our state of Maine.

Another component of our project involves teacher directed email correspondence from students to organizations involved in the Atlantic Salmon conservation.  In addition, information from other schools that are participating in the fish friends program is gathered through email for further activities.  We have designed a page for learning about salmon.  This interactive page where students may choose a stage in the lifecycle, a vocabulary term, or one of our conservation efforts to learn more about it.

This integrated unit of study incorporates capital Language Arts, Mathematics, Modern and Classical Languages, Science and Technology.  This method of learning supports our district's desire to integrate our technology program with other disciplines, as stated in our school's Statement of Purpose.

"The mission of our school district is to educate students to demonstrate and apply the skills concepts and technologies been developed and integrated across the curriculum.  After students successfully accomplish the benchmarks and exit standards set by the Madawaska School Department, they will have the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to compete and succeed in a multi-faceted world." 
Madawaska Elementary School Statement of Purpose

This information has been organized here for those who are interested in doing a project similar to our own.Ticket tour of our site and see what you can learn!

Created by Gina Jandreau December 2006
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