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Students are using STEMscopes for their science curriculum.  This curriculum uses a hands-on inquiry approach to learn science concepts.    We are currently working on  physical science concepts.
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Human Body Activities:

Click on the owl below to see how an owl pellet is formed.Click on the owl below to  do a virtual owl pellet dissection.Click on the vole skeleton to do another virtual owl pellet dissection.

Conserving Salmon
The students will be raising salmon in a mini-hatchery in the classroom for a 4 month period (February-June) to help conserve the Atlantic salmon population in Maine.  Click on the fish and it will take you to the site where you will learn more about this amazing creature.  Click here to see last year's salmon growth.

 Fourth graders are raising salmon in our mini-hatchery in the classroom.  We received about 500 eggs from Grand Lakes Hatchery.  We will care for the salmon until they are in the fry stage.  In late May or early June, we will be releasing them in Long Lake. To see these salmon in real time (this is close, but not quite real time) click here.  You need to log in as a guest. The username is "salmon" and the password is "camera".  Make sure to login for your browser.  Click on Live Video to see them.