Annual Required OSHA Training

Training Requirements for Public Schools

In Maine, public school systems have the responsibility to train employees with respect to workplace hazards.  The following list provides an overview of training requirements for the various target groups in schools and is intended for informational purposes only. All training events must be recorded and maintained by the school system. 

All Employees

 Subject/Hazard Description Frequency? Training Link
 Bloodborne Pathogens The vast majority of staff should not be exposed to bloodborne pathogens and therefore need only  “awareness training”. Designated employees as indicated in the school's exposure plan must have initial  training on an annual basis. Initial, Annual, and  when new tasks risk  exposure VBT-Annual
 Sexual Harassment All employees employed regularly; supervisors and managers have additional training requirements. Once Upon Hire, within  first year VBT
 Emergency Evacuation Evacuation drills (fire, shelter-in-place, lockdown, etc.) vary with the school type:
        High Schools - 6
        Middle Schools - 8
        Elementary Schools - 10
 The first two of the year must be Fire Evacuation Drills and shall be performed within the first two  weeks of the school.
 Annual N/A
 Fire Extinguisher The vast majority of staff should be instructed not to use fire extinguishers, rather to evacuate  the  building. Therefore they do not need this training. The school’s written emergency plan reflects  this  idea. Not Applicable

 Slips, Trips, & Falls All employees Recommended Annual PP
 Soft Tissue Injury Prevention  & Safe Lifting All employees Recommended Annual PP
 Hazardous Communications  Anyone who has potential to come in contact to blood or other infectious bodily fluids need this training. Annual VBT
 Risk Assessment All employees Initially and Annually  Recommended PP

Art & Science Teachers

 Subject/Hazard Description Frequency? Training Link
 All employee requirements      
 Chemical Hygiene (for  Science Lab Chemicals) Science Teachers need chemical hygiene training.  It is recommended  that the lead chemistry teacher be the chemical hygiene officer (CHO) for the school. Hazardous  Chemicals are expected in these areas. Initially, and SDS-  specific training when  chemicals change PP

Custodial, Maintenance, Bus Driver, and Food Service Staff

 Subject/Hazard Description Frequency? Training Link
 All employee requirements   
 Hearing Conservation Employees exposed to 85 decibels for 8 hours.  Initially and Annually School has no  Program
 Respiratory Protection Employees exposed to welding or paint fumes, or those issued a respirator. Initially and Annually School has no  Program
 Personal Protective  Equipment (PPE) All custodians & maintenance workers. Initially and Annually PP
 Lockout/Tagout Lockout Tagout if affected employees repair any equipment, work on buses, or work with energy  (electric,pneumatics) Initially and if program  changes PP
 Asbestos Custodians and Designated Person Initially and Annually PP- Asbestos -  Initial
 PP - Asbestos -  Annual
 Universal Waste Required if the employee collects/manages waste fluorescent bulbs or computer monitors. Once upon hire PP
 Confined Space Employees working around deep sump pits, pellet silos, septic tanks, and other dangerous to life   equipment/areas. MSD Employees are advised not to enter any confined spaces! Once upon hire School has no  Program
 Ladders & Genie Lifts Employees required to use a ladder or genie lift need training.  Once upon hire Ladder Safety
 Bus Drivers (Only)   
 Topic Pre-Trip Inspections, Safe Riding Rules & Practices, Emergency Evacuations Initially and twice  annually VBT

Special Education Teachers

 Subject/Hazard Description Frequency? Training Link
 All employee requirements    All employee listings above  
 Ergonomics Special Ed teachers should be made aware of the hazards of lifting students. Initially and Annually PP
 MANDT or Behavior  Modification Training Contact hazards are commonplace in special education settings and Special Ed teachers should be  made aware of these hazards and guard against them. Initially and Annually Special Services &  Guidance

Administration, Secretaries, Technology (Central Office & Schools)

 Subject/Hazard Description Frequency? Training Link
 Video Display Terminals  (VDT) All school personnel that use a workstation for more than 4 hours per day; for more than 20hrs per week  need formal VDT training. Initial (1hr) and Annual  Review. VDT
 Ergonomics Special Ed teachers should be made aware of the hazards of lifting students. Initial and Annual  Review. PP