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Trash Day

posted Jun 6, 2019, 5:25 AM by Vincent Vanier

Madawaska Middle School students dedicated 4 hours on Wednesday, June 29th to pick up trash along the streets of Madawaska. Shanna Lagasse organized the event with the assistance of Connie Mollison Vanier, middle school teachers at MMHS. Shanna says that this event is just as important to the students as it is to the environment.

Morin said, "Students need to understand the importance of caring for our environment and learning how they can give back in small ways. It is the small contributions that will make a big impact over time."

Together, the students collected roughly one hundred pounds of trash. Businesses within the community also had a chance to get involved. Marden's donated refreshments and Dollar Tree donated garbage bags when the students ran out.  Two students commented on the event, saying "this makes my heart happy" and "we should do this every year."