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Budget Facts

posted Oct 17, 2016, 7:27 AM by Vincent Vanier   [ updated Oct 17, 2016, 9:21 AM ]

Madawaska School Department Budget Facts
October 2016

This post presents truthful information about the Madawaska School Department Budget.  We are available to answer questions as we continue our goal of having a budget that is educationally sound, fiscally responsible, and fully transparent.
You will have 12 hours to make your vote count.
October 18, 2016, 8AM TO 8PM at the K.C. HALL. 

If you graduated from Madawaska, you may still be imagining the schools as they were when you attended. They have changed! We have continuously trimmed budgets and staffing as student enrollment has decreased. Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information circulated in the community. Please examine the tables within this posting and get to know the truth!

What is EPS?
Essential Programs & Services is designed to ensure that all schools have the programs and resources that are essential for all students to have an equitable opportunity to achieve Maine's Learning Results. EPS Funding act is the amount of money determined by state law to be the minimum amount that the district must raise and assess in order to receive the full amount of state dollars.

EPS Does NOT provide for: 
    • The actual costs of operating expenses
    • Full costs for substitutes, supplies, and equipment
    • Professional development
    • Athletics and co-curricular expenses
    • System administration/support
    • Operation of plant and pupil transportation
    • In addition, the EPS formula underestimates inflationary costs and fluctuating prices within communities or geographic areas.
Loss of Funding (2016-17):
Madawaska is faced with decreased state funding, loss of revenues, and decreased required local funding. This budget reflects the following losses:
• Loss of State Aid $ 81,777
• Decrease Local required $ 63,064
• Loss of Revenue $113,697 TOTAL -$258,538
Increase in Budget:
2015-2016 Gross Budget $6,008,432
2016-2017 Gross Budget $6,163,049
Increase in budget (~2.5%) $ 154,617

Has STAFFING decreased over the same number of years?

Why a Budget Increase? 
Increases come from the State shifting costs to the local (retirement and programming mandates) as well as other obligations such as Special Education services, Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, and negotiated con- tracts. The school continues to combine job tasks and shrink through attrition.
In addition, we are earnestly working on a 10-year strategic plan with other St. John Valley schools to help determine what education will look like in the future.  This plan, which was suggested by the Finance Committee and agreed to by the School Committee, will take time to complete.  This budget examined in detail and was approved by the Finance Committee and approved by the School Committee.

You will have 12 hours to make your vote count.
October 18, 2016, 8AM TO 8PM at the K.C. HALL.