Covid Dashboard

posted Nov 16, 2021, 11:17 AM by Vincent Vanier
As part of Valley Unified and the member School Administrative Units of MSAD27, MSAD33, and the Madawaska School Department to continue to communicate with the public about positive COVID-19 cases in schools, we have decided to reinstate a Valley Unified COVID-19 Dashboard, which will identify the following information for each Valley Unified School:
  • Current # of Individuals who are Required to Quarantine 
  • Current # of Individuals who are Positive for COVID-19
  • Total Cumulative Positive COVID-19 individuals since the start of the school year
Now, when a change has been made to the COVID-19 tracker for the school your child attends (or the school you work in - for staff), we will notify you of that change by email and/or texting you the link to the tracker so you have the real time data associated with the school.  

The tracker can be accessed directly here:

Each school district website will also include the link to the Dashboard for easy access.  We hope this helps increase the communication of cases in our schools.  

You can read this message in its entirety here: