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December 2011 - Students from Gina Jandreau's 4th grade class visited the studio this past week to record the Little Owl Press.  Click here to view their broadcast (click on the TV version once you are redirected).  Here are a few photos of their visit.

As you can see the students enjoyed their time in the studio!!

Fall 2010 - WAGM TV in Presque Isle donated their old set to WOWL thanks to Jon Gulliver the news director at the station.  WOWL tries to help WAGM cover the County by providing video coverage of events when the WAGM cameras can not make it to the Madawaska area.  This past year footage has been transfered to WAGM via the internet for the Acadian Festival Parade and several sporting events.  WOWL wants to thank WAGM for their donation, it is truly appreciated!!

On the job!! - WOWL student Natalie Morin clips the lapel microphone on one of the 4th grade students in Mrs. Gina Jandreau's class as part of their Little Owl Press news report!  The news set was recently donated by WAGM TV of Presque Isle.


On the job!! - WOWL students, Evan Pelletier and Amanda Cyr, filming the Young Author's awards ceremony at the Elementary School on May 13, 2009.  With 30 students enrolled in the course, over 150 local and town events have been filmed again this year.  Great work!

Our editing station and newsdesk!!

 Welcome to WOWL, Madawaska's student supported local access television station  operating on Channel 16 in the Time Warner cable system.  Channel 16 is located at Madawaska High School and is situated in the old band room between the gymnasium and cafeteria. 


This unique location allows for easy video taping of school, community, and government events within these important and often used public rooms.  WOWL operates a NEXUS playback system to provide 24 hour service to Time Warner subscribers from Allagash to Hamlin reaching approximately 4,500 households.

Summer 2008 - Our viewers may have noticed that WOWL has remained operational again this summer.  Our clerk, Deanna Levesque, along with help from our 2nd year students have been busy video taping local events and meetings, along with editing material for presentation on Channel 16.  Please continue to send PSA's and other programming ideas to our email links below.  We plan to continue operations through the potato harvest recess.

February 2007 - Channel 16 has recently been upgraded to a fiber optic signal due to the efforts of Time Warner Cable.  WOWL would like to thank Time Warner for their prompt attention at getting us back on the air.  Viewers should notice an improved audio and video signal from the station.

Public Service Announcements air daily at the end of the program for that day. Please feel free to announce your community or school event by emailing our Channel 16 clerk, Deanna Levesque, at (click here) or by emailing teacher Colin Jandreau (click here).
Include the following in your email:  WHAT, WHEN, WHERE along with any other important information for the notice.  Most PSA's run until the time of the event or, for ongoing notices, until we are asked to remove them.

The Community Television of Maine website can be visited by clicking here The mission of CTAM is to advance democratic ideals by ensuring that people in Maine have access to electronic media. In order for democracy to flourish, people must be active participants in their government, educated to think critically, and free to express themselves.  Students enrolled in  The Community  course are required to serve the Madawaska area by video taping events outside of the school day, including but not limited to:  government meetings, school sports, community events, and other school activties.  Madawaska's residents benefit from this student service by viewing local programming over Channel 16.  Government meetings and other programming air on a schedule with our digital playback system.  Look for the schedule after the PSA's have looped.  See job descriptions here.

WOWL Channel 16
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